Our Process

Attention to detail throughout the whole bat crafting process — this is what separates the Escamilla Bat Company from every other wooden bat manufacturer.

It starts with the lumber. The wood Escamilla selects is sourced from premium regional suppliers, then cut into billets and shipped to the company’s shop. Once the wood reaches the shop, every piece is hand graded for quality and weight. We only use the best sourced lumber with professional grain.

When an order is placed with Escamilla Bats, the wood is then created and shaped on our proven lathe system with amazing precision. Our customers know that they will get the exact same specifications years or season apart, so it will always feel like you are swinging the same Escamilla bat.

Escamilla’s attention to detail isn’t lacking when it comes to the finishing process of wooden bats either! We finish each bat to the specifications and desires of their customer. Our bat finishing process adds proven strength and beauty by sealing the pores of the wood for a smooth, hard surface which causes the ball to jump off the bat.